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We offer the service of transforming a patients 2D DICOM image (CT/MRI) into a scalable 3D printed model that can be held in your hand.

By holding the replica in your hand and having a true 360° view, you get a full view of the true anatomy in context.

Uses of patient specific anatomical models:

Reference tools for:

1.1 Pre-operative planning

1.2 Intraoperative visualization

1.3 Sizing or pre-fitting medical equipment for both routine and complex procedures eg mandibular plates, surgical tool


2.As visual aid for patient education and enhanced informed consent.

3.Trainee education for support team (recently qualified surgeons, nurses etc) or practice.

*The current MedTech3D work flow allows MedTech3D models to be utilized in applications detailed in points 1 to 3, however excludes the models use in diagnostics purposes.


Benefits of patient specific anatomical models:

1. Reduction in operating time: It has been seen globally, that surgeons are able to; pre-plan the process, determine instrument sizing, undertake training or practice, as well as perform a more detailed risk assessment in advance, resulting in reduced time in theatre.            

2. Cost saving: Reduction in operating times, reduces operating room costs and allows the teams to accommodate more patients.

3. Reducing patient risk: By being able to complete a more detailed risk assessment in advance and under a less constrained environment,   enables better decision making resulting in reduced risk and anxiety.

4. A unique advantage of image-based 3D printed models as opposed to a CT scan or MRI, is the ability to demonstrate anatomical spatial relationship with submillimetre accuracy.

WE SUPPORT ALL DISCIPLINES OF MEDICINE WITH MODELS FOR PRE-OPERATIVE PLANNING. We have extensive experience with the following disciplines:

Orthopaedics & Traumatology

Examples of use in orthopaedic cases:

Orthopaedic Trauma

Congenital deformities


Primary & Secondary joint replacement

Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery

Examples of use in cardiology cases:

Congenital defects

Vascular pathologies

Septal defects

Valve implementation


Examples of use in neurosurgery cases:

Tumor conceptualization

Vascular assessment

Neurological trauma

Congenital deformity

Graph of how 3D printed models are being used


Forget about investing in expensive software / equipment, upload your scans & receive your model in 36 – 48 hours
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